How To Draft Your Page

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These are the instructions to make a single directory page for your coworking space. If you need a full website, contact us.

Write For The Client You Want To Attract

The purpose of your page at is to attract new customers to the site of your coworking space in order to take an action there: become a member, signup for a free try-out or a tour, contact you… This is a landing page to help with your conversions. You want them to move on to take action with as little effort and as much interest as possible.

You have to write in the shoes of the person that is going to read the page. Always keep in mind what’s in it for them. This is how you will come up with effective benefit statement, advantages and features to highlight. Always use the ones the client care’s the most about.

This page is to be kept brief and focus on driving the visitor to take action. It is a gateway to your own site, not the final destination.

If you need help with your marketing or any other aspect of managing your coworking space, check these books and articles.

Using FAB: Features, Advantages, Benefit

FAB is an effective sales technique. We organize it in the page by order of importance for the user: first the benefit, then the advantages, and lastly the features. Like in journalism, the most important first. You want to capture the attention of the reader to keep on reading and to take action.


The features are facts about your space that may be interesting for your potential clients.

Here are some examples:

  • Community of profesional freelancers.
  • Open 24/7.
  • High speed internet.
  • 3 meeeting rooms.
  • Free coffee.
  • Public transport nearby.


Advantages are linked to the features of your space and represent what’s good about them. You help the client figure out what’s good about those features for him/her.

Following the earlier list of features:

  • Find collaborators, help and work among the other professionals in our coworking space.
  • Enter and leave when you want. Always open to adapt to your needs.
  • Quickly upload, download and sync your working files.
  • Meet your clients in a profesional and private setting.
  • Get more done with an extra boost of energy every morning.
  • Easy access by public transport for you and your clients.


How those features and advantages are going to help your client do whatever they want to do. You present the main value of your coworking space in terms that make sense to your prospect customer, the main benefit they get. It is a short one liner that catches attention. You have to understand their motivation. A common one is that people are tired of working alone at home, and they need to get more done. Here are some examples based on this:

  • Get More Done in Less Time
  • Focus, Get More Done, Motivate Yourself
  • Work for Yourself Not by Yourself
  • Help Your Business with a Professional Working Environment
  • Tired of working alone?

To get more inspiration, check what other coworking spaces have in their homepages.

Why So Many Calls to Action?

Because they help you convert. If a prospect is ready to become a member, why punish them with the rest of your text to give them what they want? Help your customer do what is best for him/her and for you too.

See an example of a finished landing page

How to Edit the page

Getting Help

This website runs on WordPress, the publication tool that runs about a third of the Internet. If you have any doubts that can not be solved by reading this document, get help directly from WordPress documentation and support forums or contact us.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. To start editing your page, first you need to log in. If you are already logged in, you can skip this step.
  2. To find your directory page and edit it you have to go to My Sites on the top left corner or Sites on the left panel and click on Dashboard:
  3. You have 2 options to start editing your page:
    1. Either open the page with your unique URL (the short name you chose followed by and click on the button in the page to start editing:
    2. Or, on the left side menu got to Pages>All Pages , hover your mouse over the page and click on Edit in the menu that appears.
      This is the menu that pops up when hovering over the title of the page:
      Do not create new pages! If you want to add another coworking space contact us to create a clone of your first site that you can edit.
  4. You can bookmark the page to make sure you can go back to it easily.
  5. Once you are on edit mode you can see a menu like this on top of the text:
    This is the editor box where you will change the text of the page. In “Visual” mode is like using Word, Libre Office or any other text program but simpler. In “Text” mode you see the code that is behind what you see (most of the times you do not need to use it). Editor help here.
  6. After each step click on “Update” to save your changes. It is located in the top box of the right panel (“Publish”):
  7. Change the title of the page. On top of the menu is the title of the page. This is the first thing you should change. Include here the main benefit of joining your coworking space.
  8. To preview your page as you edit it, click on “Preview Changes” in the “Publish” box. It will open a new tab with the preview page and you can easily come back to the page you are editing.
  9. Change the Featured Image for one of your space. You find the featured image on the bottom of the right panel (to the right of your text. The best is to have smiley people in it ! Empty spaces do not entice people to start coworking, it is like seing an empty dance floor: you don’t want to be the only one dancing.You can upload the image and edit it once it is uploaded. Crop it with a 16:9 ratio:
  10. Delete the introduction text in bold and cursive:
  11. Change the headings and the rest of the text following the instructions in the page.
  12. Make sure you change the texts and website links of the call to action buttons accordingly.
  13. Click update once again, then click on “View Page” on the top left of the page and share your new page with the world!
  14. Get your page in the directory once you are done 🙂

You can add pictures and videos wherever you want, but don’t over do it. Use the minimum necessary to help motivate the prospect to click on a button and go to your page.

If you decide to completely ignore this template, please let us know why.